Tedee Bridge Tbv1.0a

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Open and close
wherever you are

Meet tedee and forget about traditional keys.

tedee set


Tedee bridge is a wireless router which works as a hub, connecting your smartphone with tedee lock and other tedee smart home devices. Thanks to it, you can quickly connect your smartphone with the tedee lock via Wi-Fi. In this configuration, you can control the lock, grant access and check its status from anywhere with the Internet.

Why tedee?




◦ auto-opening / auto-closing

Open and close the door with your smartphone at any time, wherever you are. Are you expecting guests? Send them access or open the door remotely. Are you back with your shopping? The lock will let you in when you approach the door and it will close it automatically behind you.




◦ an extremely powerful battery

Gerda's engineers, in cooperation with the South Korean Research Institute, have developed a dedicated, very efficient battery with a small size. It provides the mechanism with electricity for six months of operation. However, when it is necessary to recharge, the lock will inform you about it and you will recharge the battery in one night.



◦ stylish, functional, safe

The highest quality of workmanship and the smallest size of the device on the market make the tedee lock the most innovative solution in its category. The aluminum housing and elegant design make it fit into any interior.



◦ GERDA safety guarantee

The mechanism that drives the lock is an innovative and patented design developed by Gerda engineers and IoT experts.

All data from the application is encrypted by the most secure TLS 1.3 protocol with a 256-bit security key. The same security system is used by world technology leaders.






Remote lock operation

Open, close and check the lock status. You can do it anytime and from anywhere in the world. From work, when you are on a business trip or on vacation abroad.


Auto open

With the tedee app, you don't have to search for keys when your hands are full. Enable the auto-open feature in the zone you specify. The lock will open as soon as you approach the door.



The application will inform you about each opening of the door and its correct closure. When the battery is low after a few months of use, the app will notify you in advance.


Activity log

Check who opened the door when they entered the house and whether they left it. Make sure the house is closed when all household members are away.

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