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iLuv Anti Blue light Screen Protector for iPhone X / XS / iPhone 11 Pro - AIXATBF

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iLuv AIXATBF iPhone X Anti Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector Kit with 9H Hardness, HD Clear, Anti-shatter, Rounded Edge, Bubble Free, Anti-fingerprint, Smudge Free, and Easy Apply Cover Sheet. Did you know the blue light from iPhone causes eye fatigue, eye-strain, and loss of vision? After using the phone at bed, it even severely affects your sleep negatively. This Anti Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector blocks the harmful blue light and ultraviolet rays from your iPhone's screen. The thin, lightweight glass features extremely high durability and can withstand scratches and impacts from sharp objects such as keys and knives. Although the glass adheres to your screen, its high level of transparency allows you to still see your screen exceptionally clearly compared with other misty screen protectors as if the screen was not covered. Its high responsiveness gives you full touch capability including iPhone's 3D Touch so you can use your phone as you normally would.