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Succeeding in a competitive environment is becoming more challenging. And In the world that places the greatest importance on speed, efficiency and user-friendliness, ICT plays the main role.

We are here to deliver innovative Information Technology solutions enabling government and business to serve their customers effectively, and we achieve this by deploying best practices.

Driving your IT operations excellence Starlink’s IT Managed Services offers a slew of integrated smart technologies as well as in-depth expertise. We enable our clients to apply a unique strategies aimed at helping them address their business demands and meet new challenges. Starlink offers a wide range of capabilities in IT managed services across the following:

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1. Hardware

Since all companies are now using IT in almost every aspect of their business, it often comes down to what type of equipment you use and how skilfully you use them to gain a competitive advantage. Starlink provides top of the range product listings that will help you gain an edge on your competitors at retail and ecommerce. We focus on simplifying technology experiences for all of our clients – from individual consumers to the largest businesses. With a portfolio that spans computing like: Lenovo, Apple Mac book and Epic Gamerz hardware, available for all.


2. Software

Starlink Qatar provides Information technology software built into product in a way that makes it very difficult for customers to switch to other products or platforms. We use innovation to drive the greatest value for our clients and solving their most challenging issues.


3. Licensing

Starlink has a variety of offerings and our IT department has the knowledge to assess your business, your requirement and usage patterns and then implement the right package for your business. Our team can take care of all your issues.

Cloud Services and Security Solutions

Using a cloud service provider can eliminate the large, up-front expenses attached to cyber security measures. It’s vital for businesses to make sure that their cloud service provider has the right security features and cloud infrastructure.
Starlink offers an integrated array of applications, databases, servers, storage, and cloud technologies to empower modern business. For most companies, flexibility is critical and we provide a wide choice of cloud services and security solutions to ensure that technology flexes to the unique needs of a business.

Installation & Maintenance (CCTV, ELV, FTTX, WIFI solutions)

From a Single Node to an entire network, we install and maintain systems like CCTV, ELV, Fiber optics and copper cabling. Our high-end solutions are here to support your organization and provide service assurance for all levels of critical business. We strive to become the preferred solution provider for I&M services in the Region.

With more than 100 resources in Qatar, Starlink has evolved into the verticals of Telecommunications, Hospitality, Ministry, and Business establishments. Starlink strongly focuses to grow in more verticals going forward.

ELV system consists of following packages.

CCTV systems, Gate barrier, Access control system, Video intercom, Alarm systems, Audio visual systems, Control rooms solutions and Digital Signage solution, Smart Automation, SMATV & IPTV systems and Structured cabling;


With 14+ years of managed services and outsourcing experience, we bring extensive experience in running and delivering outsourcing service which are embedded in our clients training and execution methodologies with 24x7 Support
Through years of experience and best practice sharing, we have adapted their own collaborative support model to inject new life into stagnant support organizations.

Starlink Smart Force

Recruitment is the process of having the right person, in the right place, at the right time. It is crucial to organisational performance. Recruitment is a critical activity, not just for the HR team but also for line managers who are increasingly involved in the selection process. All those involved in recruitment activities should be equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills.
Being one of the biggest Outsourcing & Managed Solution provider in region with approximately 1200+ outsourcing staffs within Qatar. Starlink has wide experience with Outsourcing Professional resources and Technically Sound Resources in all over Qatar on various segments and We know how to help you.

HR Recruitment

Starlink has strong Human Resource team leading 1400+ employees in the organization. We have expert talent hunters involved in hiring personnel, to make sure that the right talent is being hired for this program.

How Do We Do This?


Starlink employs Broad-based sourcing from around the world to many retailers so we bring the ultimate in demand product for our customers.
With our expansive market knowledge we remain in daily contact with customers to introduce new products and recommend existing products, extending the sales reach of many manufacturers whilst simultaneously managing regular contact with retailers so the manufacturers' products are consistently promoted and easily available.


Starlink has extensive experience in running robust franchised retail for key brands, the company plays a key role in building the retail environment to sell digital services across Ooredoo and OSN. Starlink also acts as a distributor for beIN Sport and Al Jazeera.

Premium Partners, PAYTV and Subscriptions, Starlink Qatar acts as an extension of beIN, providing all the services for beIN subscriptions, renewal and new package, OTT subscription And catering to all options whether with or without receiver installation, and for online subscriptions 2 types of Receivers


Premium Partners Starlink Qatar provides OSN with a hub for customer generation and distribution. Starlink provides all the services for OSN subscriptions, renewal and new package, 2 types of receivers, Starlink and OSN uniquely cemented their partnership with a co-branded Starlink x OSN Kiosk located at Landmark and Doha Festival City, something that no one else has in Qatar.