Marrath Smart WiFi 16 Million Color RGBW LED 5 Meter Strip Light

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Marrath Smart WiFi 16 Million Color RGBW LED 5 meter strip light work with Marrath Home APP

  • More than 16 million colors to choose from the color wheel in the APP. 

  • Schedule automatic on and off.

  • Change the color individually or in entire groups of bulbs. 

  • All colors are dimmable. 

  • Add to 'Marrath Home' APP and share the device with all family members.

  • Control the lights from anywhere in the world.

  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

  • CE and ROHS certified.

ENJOY LIGHTING WITH INFINITE POSSIBILITIES – Set the right ambiance for any moment. Choose from 16 million colors to match the light to your mood and occasion. Every single color is dimmable and it can be used as a common LED light too. Perfect for home indoor lighting, hotels, meeting rooms, restaurants, bars, cafes, cocktail & birthday parties etc. With these ingenious lamps you will never get bored! And as for your kids? It’s undoubted that this will be their favorite new gadget.Marrath Smart WiFi 16 Million Color RGBW LED 5M strip light -

Setting Schedule. According to your need, you can create the time to turn on/off. Setting to turn on at dusk and go off at dawn. You can preset the study room light to remind you to study or set the “welcome home” lighting. Preset the timer in different time periods, and make your life more regular. That would be warm for you.

Voice Control .Compatible with Alexa, and Google Home. Assign a name to each smart light bulb and communicate with each light bulb by name when making a voice command. It just like a friend that will always accompany with you and obey your orders. Alexa, dim the bedroom light to 50% brightness!

8 Scene Modes. Multicolored lighting is not included warm white. More than 16 million colors(red, green, yellow, etc.) and all of them (color temperature, brightness) can be adjusted. 4 static and dynamic scene modes. For party, orange and red light create a vivacious atmosphere It can be used in the home indoor lighting, hotel, meeting room, museum 

Support Group Control. You can create groups on the APP to manage two or more smart light bulbs. Synchronous control will be realized through smart lamp group. For example, gradually dim them or change the color of them all simultaneously. Turn on/off the bedroom, kitchen, living room and dinning room light at the same time

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