Starlink Qatar enters into partnership with CAF Café

Starlink Qatar has entered into a partnership with CAF Café, it has been announced.

Under this, CAF’s coffee will be provided at Starlink’s Aspire branch, according to a statement.

The Aspire outlet is the fi rst of “many branches where one can dive into the experience of having a great cup of co! ee while buying technology”.

“Together, working as one team, we hope to unlock the full potential of the modern global experience and look forward to having you at our branches,” the statement notes.

During its 14 years of presence in the Qatari market, Starlink “has always put its customers at the forefront of its strategy”. When Starlink rebranded, it did so by keeping its customers’ experience in mind, ensuring that it’s not just about buying products, but is more about the experience of exploring the ideas behind them”.

“Since everything we achieve in technology is dedicated around our customers’ comfort, having an aromatic cup of coffee can amplify any shopping experience,” the statement said.

CAF is a social-driven speciality coffee bar where “social chemistry is constantly getting ignited by engaging community members to form connections through social interaction”. Being more than just a coffee shop for regulars, CAF is a place that presents caffeine in a way that is designed to make a change in society. The cafe has an “exemplary team of coffee connoisseurs”.

Being a leading speciality co! ee bar in Kuwait, CAF is “all about bringing communities together while creating a movement by eliminating cultural barriers between people to shape social diversity while enjoying a great cup of refined coffee”.

“Through our partnership with CAF, we delightedly found a great connection that made our collaboration process very natural. The collaboration of both parties o! ers an exciting opportunity to ensure that all services are expanded throughout the country, creating a strong bond that can initiate vast growth,” the statement added.