Starlink Beach Clean-Up!

   Around 100 Starlink Employees from diverse nationalities, ventured across the coastline of al Freiha Beach in the North of Qatar, on Saturday 21st December 2019 with one mission in mind: Keep our environment clean. Hands in gloves Starlink picked up plastic bottles, plastic bags and styrofoam boards amongst other things found on the shore and drifting into sea.

   Freiha beach is located near the Archeological site of Al Zubara Fort, a historic military fortress and a UNESCO recognised heritage site. This beach houses it’s own ecosystem of Marine life and was once ranked as one of the Gulf’s most important pearl diving and trading centres. 

   This initiative was taken in honour of Qatar National Day as a way to bring the Starlink staff together and give back to the country. Despite its desert climate, Qatar has always looked to the sea for it’s bounty. Known for it’s stronghold in culture and tradition, Qatar’s Freiha beach is important to preserve for its fishing and pearl diving activities that provided a living for many generations of Qatari Nationals.

   Throughout history the world has been experiencing an increase in environmental interest, Starlink has joined this interest. We understand that pollution is fast becoming the most pressing global environmental issue, with the rapidly increasing production of disposable products, the world is becoming overwhelmed with the ability to deal with them and is instead littering and strewn across beaches, not only harming the image of Doha but polluting our oceans and unique wildlife of our beloved Qatar. 

   Starlink looks forward to tackling this issue more in the future. It’s our corporate social responsibility to got together to restore the natural beauty of Qatar by removing the waste that are left behind.

Keep our environment clean by not throwing waste in the sea or land.